About Air Resumes

We Improve Job Prospects and conserve natural resources.

At Air Resumes we have revolutionized the way people create, update, and maintain their professional resumes and cover letters, and we have simplified the job search process for job seekers by providing top notch recruiting services. "Cloud-Based Carbon Neutral Resume" is a term we invented. Our goal is to save trees while making the job search process easier for job seekers. We accomplish this goal by digitalizing, thereby making searchable, job search documents, and by using heavy duty computing algorithms to match those digital documents up to relevant job listings posted on the web. Translation – we're nerd hippies who turn resumes into dynamic html content, making it easier to find jobs.

Why Choose Us?

There are a number of reasons for making the switch to html, cloud-based Carbon Neutral resumes "Air" Resumes. The reason most important to US is conservation. Each year billions of trees are cut down and the world's precious forests are being destroyed. The number one culprit is paper. During a typical job search process, candidates send resumes to employers, who then print out stacks and stacks of paper in order to find the right candidate. We help to eliminate those stacks of paper, reducing the global use of natural resources, deforestation, and greenhouse gases.

Not a Tree-hugger?

That's ok! There are lots of other reasons to join us in making the switch to cloud-based resumes. By having a dynamic html based resume, you make it easier for recruiters to access your information and find you. All of our resumes are built on a responsive html 5 platform, meaning recruiters can view your resume from their laptops, ipads, iphones, and droid devices, so they'll likely be impressed! Employers will appreciate the ability to call you by clicking a button, or contacting your references using hyperlinks. They will be able to find you more easily, and we will be able to pair you to them more efficiently. Most importantly, employers will be impressed by your conscientious tech-savvy ahead-of-the-curve awesomeness, putting you a step ahead of the pack when it comes to what's most important: getting the job.

Finally, and most importantly, when you create an Air Resumes account, our team of recruiters will help you find a job matching your skills, experience, and job preferences so you can spend more time doing what matters most - enjoying life!

The earth will thank you!