DMCA Compliance Policy

CAN-SPAM Act Compliance Policy

It is the policy of to comply with all federal and state laws. Therefore, it is's policy to promptly address any allegations of spam in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act, and to honor all requests to unsubscribe to communications sent by us to our users and to non-users who we market to, advertise to, or otherwise engage in communication with.

If you receive an email from us and would like to stop receiving emails or other communications from us, please let us know, using our unsubscribe page that you would like to be removed from all email campaign lists, and email subscription lists. We will promptly (usually within 3-5 business days) remove you from all lists. You may find the unsubscribe page here. Complete the form on that page and we will honor your request promptly. You may also send us a request via email or by mail here: E-Mail:| U.S. Mail: 940 24th street, San Diego, CA 92102