Cover Letter Generator Tool

INSTRUCTIONS - Customize the form fields, as appropriate, given the job you are applying for. When you are finished, you can click the 'Generate Cover Letter' button to generate a preview of your cover letter. You will then be given the option to create an Air Resumes member account so that you can create and save non-preview cover letters, which can be submitted to employers.

NOTE - You will need to know the employer's address and the job title you are applying for in order to complete the form.

Dear ,

Hello, my name is and I am writing to apply for the position, which I learned about from .

I have over experience , and I in .

I am confident that, given my skills and experience, I will be able to contribute considerably and immediately to your organization.

Professional references are available upon requests.  A copy of my resume is attached for your convenience.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.